Issues Important to Debra

Jobs and Economic Security

Minnesotans deserve good paying jobs. It's that simple. Minnesota's economy is growing. We must continue to make smart investments in job training, job creation and our workers. We need to provide equal pay for equal work.

It is important to adequately fund these job creation programs that are responsible for bringing thousands of jobs to our state. We must provide greater economic security for hardworking Minnesota families, including paid family leave, earned sick and safe time and strengthening our laws against wage theft, and raising the minimum wage.


Every Minnesota student deserves a world-class education. With a budget surplus coming into the 2016 Legislative Session, we must make critical investments in early childhood education and adequately fund our schools. We must close the achievement gap and provide exceptional, educational opportunities for all students.

Safe Neighborhoods

Public safety is a core function of government. Debra is a strong leader on this issue and works both at the legislature and the county to ensure that our neighborhoods remain safe. Debra has consistently been a leader in improving access to justice for all Minnesotans.

We need to continue to lead on providing youth intervention programs, crime victim services, child advocacy centers, sex trafficking prevention, prosecutor and law enforcement training, and address domestic violence.


Transportation needs to be front and center this legislative session. It is important that a long-term comprehensive transportation plan be adopted that will fix our deteriorating roads and bridges and includes transit. As proposals come forward, Debra will fight to ensure our area gets its fair share of transportation funding.

Affordable Healthcare

Debra supports improving access to affordable, quality health care to all Minnesotans. Nursing home residents deserve adequately funded care with a staff that can earn a decent wage. We must also work to improve access to in-home health care to ensure seniors can remain in their home as long as possible.

Clean Air and Water

Minnesotans care deeply about clean air and water. We can ensure clean air and water for future generations by holding polluters accountable. We must protect our lakes, rivers, and streams for future generations. Our investment in our environment must not be allowed to erode.

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